The GPS vehicles tracking, is one of the most important investments that can be addressed in any company. The optimization of fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, management of their efficiency, service reports and so on; through our logbook you can have a real-time summary of the whole fleet, as well as all various cost calculations, and so on.

Your vehicles are not yet under control? What are you waiting for? In Europe, the vehicles equipped by GPS monitoring system are approximately 12 million.

Presently, the GPS monitoring systems is used for trucks, buses and vans, however, the higher out-of-control costs, can be attributed mainly to business-vehicles, which often, for the use they are made of, are not easily controlled. Why?

Because operating costs are very high and often a good source of savings is right in vehicles.


Vehicle location identification in case of theft.
  • Possibility of remote car stop.
  • The system allows the transmission of geographical location coordinates via GSM network using GPRS and SMS.
  • Automatic reports: route map, vehicle speed graphics, stationary time, etc.
  • Complex reports: route deviation, gas consume report, speeding, deviation zone, digital tachograph and car historic book (exchange events such as tire, oil change, repair, etc.).


Fuel savings: of up to 50{caa549cf14ce9fa1549c68b2dba2f5adedb7ade6bdb3084883b5a0ee9edbe08d} (less km, less cars, more efficient use)
  • Less maintenances (by less km, the vehicle last longer, also better driving style)
  • Accounting (Evidences, logbooks, consumption reports, service operations-reports, worksheets, business meetings reports, travel orders, administrative deadlines and so on)
  • Automated reports about who, when, where, at what time came. Reports of your technicians, sales, workers in construction site, assemblers, etc.)
  • Less maintenances (by less km, the vehicle last longer, also better driving style)


You know who and where.. you can see online your vehicle
  • Eliminating trips for purposes other than those of work interst, data identified through analysis of data provided by the GPS monitoring reports
  • Reduce the number of overtime paid
  • Eliminate fraud related to the actual work time
  • Reports can be configured to automatically generate
  • Remove cases of excessive speed and wear car park


Easy operation without requiring extensive IT knowledge
  • Extended coverage: Romania (Orange, Vodafone, Telekom), Europe, World – Online
  • Google Maps and Street View maps
  • Possibility of personalized map locations (hot spots)
  • Free warranty extension for unity – 3 years
  • Free advice, free training, free access to system during the contract
  • 10 Years Backup unlimited


If your vehicles are out of control, the company may lose substantial financial resources, we expect that, in future, all vehicles will be equipped with our GPS monitoring system; currently, there are already many insurance companies who advise and encourage the installing of a system like ours.

It ‘s simple, nowadays none of us can imagine without a cell phone. You can even lose important business, if you do not have adequate technology …

In a global competition, which aims to reduce prices (therefore costs), our system will be an indispensable tool for your company.

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